Terms of Service

§ 1 Preamble

By using maschinenbau.de they recognize that we are owners of all rights to the portal maschinenbau.de fully.

This applies to the whole design, the html code and other intellectual property rights.

Maschinenbau.de and their customers have all the exclusive, unrestricted particular spatially and temporally unlimited rights to the content.

It is also forbidden to decompile corpus of code or develop in any other way back, to get that way in the possession of our code.

§ 2 Use of maschinenbau.de

With maschinenbau.de you can find companies in the engineering sector and a lot of information about these companies.

The use is permitted only for the purpose and free only for this purpose.

Any other use, including commercial and any other commercial exploitation of the contents is strictly prohibited.
In case of violation maschinenbau.de is entitled to liquidated damages claim.

We further point out that the inappropriate use of the data is in breach of data protection rules is liable for any user.

We further point out that all content, data and other information on this site are protected by copyright maschinenbau.de. This applies to the entire program code, text and design.

Furthermore, names, designations and other words be protected under trademark and trademark law.

The download of data is allowed only within the use purpose of obtaining information.

Any other commercial use of the downloads, especially further copying, distributing, and the emphasis is therefore strictly forbidden.

§ 3 Rights

Each user is granted the simple, revocable at any time, non-transferable right to use the information and data in accordance with the Terms of maschinenbau.de to own non-commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Unless the program code will be made available, may neither be modified, processed, not be modified in any way.

It is maschinenbau.de perfectly free to change the scope of his duties at any time to extend to repeal the gratuity and / or the service completely or partially excluded from the offer. Our site may only be used in the usual way.

Any use which leads to an overload or any other impairment of our portal is prohibited, and triggers our compensation claims.

In principle, third party content have any illegal, pornographic, racist and / or other discriminatory content and in all sectors are in accordance with all laws.

Maschinenbau.de is not responsible for the content of external content. It is forbidden to bring content from the opposite impression.

All third party, set the content on our website have to indemnify us against any claims for damages by third parties.

§ 4 of the rightholder

With the use of maschinenbau.de they recognize that we are fully owns all rights to the portal maschinenbau.de.

This applies to the entire design, HTML code, and other intellectual property rights.

Maschinenbau.de and their customers have all exclusive, unrestricted, in particular spatially and temporally unlimited rights to the content.

It is also forbidden to decompile FOUND program code or develop in any other way back to get that way in the possession of our program code.

§ 5 Rights to set contributions

The user of www.maschinenbau.de that sets its own contributions to the portal transfers, with the setting www.maschinenbau.de in every aspect unrestricted, irrevocable, non-exclusive right to use the appropriate contributions. The right of use includes the publication of the article on the site, including the right to sublicense to use this right to other users of the portal www.maschinenbau.de.

The user of www.maschinenbau.de, the contributions to the portal of www.maschinenbau.de adjusts assumed www.maschinenbau.de free from any third party claims that a third party under this Article against the operator of the portal www.maschinenbau.de if necessary . assert.

The user adjusts the contributions in www.maschinenbau.de liable, the operator of www.maschinenbau.de for any damages arising from any infringement www.maschinenbau.de, especially if costs incurred for change, removing the items and other .

Of user-generated content can be set which do not serve the purpose and include a portal abuse of the portal for unrelated concerns, particularly advertising, etc., the user is responsible for the disposal and other costs of unrelated use.

www.maschinenbau.de is if you lose your account information etc. only committed against ordinary fee, the user of www.maschinenbau.de set up the account again or make the account data to identify and convey to him.

§ 6 Liability

Maschinenbau.de is for the entries of the customers are not responsible for content.

Furthermore maschinenbau.de takes no responsibility and no liability for the timeliness, accuracy and completeness of the information.

The user has no claim to the availability of our website.

We have the right to use our site at any time from the network, temporarily access or limit permanent.

Furthermore, we assume no guarantee that maschinenbau.de is to use correctly on all systems and applications. We accept no liability for any problems with the user.

We especially not liable for any consequential damages occurring on the computer systems of our clients. This also applies if disturbances on the operating systems of users exist.

We are not liable for loss of data or other impairment. Any use of maschinenbau.de at your own risk of the user.

Any warranty for the accuracy of the correct function and the content is excluded.We make no damages or compensation for possible damage, wasted efforts from whatever legal reason.

This does not apply in full intent and gross negligence of material contractual obligations and foreseeable. This limitation shall not apply to injury to life, and in people and health.

Date: October 2009